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Allison Crowe at Jazzhaus Freiburg - performing “Lisa’s Song”.
Maintaining hope and perservering in the face of great loss and sorrow - fittingly, here’s a version live on Mother’s Day.
This song’s originally released on Allison Crowe’s EP “Lisa’s Song + 6 Songs”:

Allison Crowe’s bootleg series from Europe includes this video of her concert performance of a song by fellow Canadians, the Matthew Good Band.

Running for Home”, performed by Crowe, solo and with her band, at the start of this century, returns to her repertoire in this Spring 2014 concert tournee.

The song’s originally penned by Matt Good and Dave Genn for their group’s 1999 album, “Beautiful Midnight”.

Allison Crowe’s bootleg video series continues here with a celebratory nod to this weekend’s opening of “Newfoundland Vinyl” - the hit Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador production at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival (staged in Canada’s beautiful Gros Morne National Park.

TNL proclaims:

"Newfoundland Vinyl" is back! And this time it’s "The "C" Side". Allison Crowe has made this show into a perennial Festival favourite. The vinyl Newfoundland hits of the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s by Newfoundland’s biggest recording stars are never- ending. From Harry Hibbs’ "The Wild Rover" to Eddy Coffey’s "Area Code 709" to Corey & Trina’s "Northern Lights of Labrador" Allison manages to lay bare the simple and beautiful melodies and lyrics of our most talented artists."

The show spins each Tuesday and Friday from July 11 - August 29 at the GMTF — and the “incredibly talented and versatile cast”, says Allison, features the wonderful performing roster of musicians/actors: Colin Furlong, Craig Haley, Claire Hewlett, Amelia Manuel, Stephanie Payne, Keelan Purchase, and Marquita Walsh. With Adam Christopher Brake as Ed.

NV’s stellar cast is supported by a shining set of northern production lights: Director - Jeff Pitcher/Allison Crowe; Musical Director - Allison Crowe; Stage Manager - Effie Parsons; Set Design - Derek Butt; Costume Design - Lindsay Code; Original Sound Design - Dirk Ave; Original Lighting Design - Johnny Cann; and Sound Coordination & Lighting Coordination - Laura Penney.

Allison Crowe enjoys curating and arranging the music - mining a treasure trove of tunes from the region - songs that cover a full range of genres and emotions. And when she tours the world Crowe carries the sounds of home to her international audience.

On this concert night at Jazzhaus Freiburg in Germany - she performs a song penned by Terry Skinner that’s first recorded by Canadian country great Eddie Eastman (in 1979).

Allison Crowe recorded it for her album “Newfoundland Vinyl”: (released, naturally, on vinyl LP).

On its release last year, Gery Deugaw, the super-dedicated cultural archivist behind “GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador” @ - notes: “After all the years of travelling the Trans-Canada, Eddie Eastman was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Honour in 2010. Allison Crowe performs this song with the easy sound it needs to be successfully reprised in the 21st century.”
Part of a series of bootleg videos - Allison Crowe live in Jazzhaus Freiburg.
The Canadian musician performs “Through These Heavy Graces” - the song which gives title to her most recent album:
Naming “Heavy Graces” one of the top albums of 2013, pioneering music blog Muruch says: “The original song lyrics on Heavy Graces seem to deal most often with regaining control of one’s own life, venting anger at and breaking free from oppressive influences and starting fresh with integrity intact. Whether such fierce and independent themes were born from the death of a relationship or Allison’s brief brush with Hollywood, it seems our favorite independent singer-songwriter is more determined than ever to forge her own path. I predict we’ll be seeing Allison Crowe not once but twice on our best of the year list.”

In this latest bootleg from her recent European concert tour, Allison Crowe, again, shows how and why she’s loved – and earns hearty plaudits - ‘round the globe.

“Canada’s finest songwriter” says writer Stephen Thomas, co-founder of the UK’s Folkroom Records. “In a world of copycats and wannabes in the singer-songwriter field, Crowe is a true original and is playing in a league of her own,” notes L.A.-based writer/producer and AMG journalist Tom Mureika.

Delivery of musical joy and genius today come via pathways distant from the corporate product and pop / rock ephemera of the establishment record industry.

Here at the storied Jazzhaus in Freiburg, Germany, Allison Crowe reveals her “Secrets”.

Allison Crowe rocks hard as any musician - and is just as moving when she gently delivers a reflective ballad such as “Hold Back” - first heard on her “Little Light” album -
Here Crowe picks up her guitar and plays for a wonderful audience of music-lovers at Jazzhaus Freiburg - a Muttertag / Mother’s Day show on the “Heavy Graces” 2014 European concert tour.
"Skeletons and Spirits" is performed here by Allison Crowe live in Jazzhaus Freiburg, Germany.
This original song, a favourite for other young musicians to cover, was first recorded for Allison’s “This Little Bird” album/CD:
It contains such deliciously fun lyrics from the Canadian singer-songwriter as:
"I’ll pretend I’m a cloud
and my rain will surround you
And if you keep hurting me
I’ll eventually drown you
And, yes I know
I’m a little bit off…”
Another artifact of Allison Crowe’s latest concert tour — and another off-kilter bootleg.
A friend in London kindly gave me the first of Marianne Faithfull’s autobiographies — and I completed reading it on the flight from the UK to Canada. In some stream of consciousness this video flows with the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics of which Faithfull is a Professor.
"Running for Home" is a song penned by Canada’s Matthew Good and Dave Genn. Allison Crowe’s notably performed it since 1999 - in band and solo shows. She’s included it in her live repertoire this Spring and in the trove of concert videos from Freiburg there’s upcoming a full performance.
Here, now, from the pulsing joint that’s Hot Jazz Club Muenster is a CCTV feed that’s viewed by an overflow crowd. NB when the camera shifts to looking at the guitar-stand and unoccupied stage area, that’s about half of legendary Road/Tour Manager Axel Dollheiser — sitting at the ready to help Allison switch from piano to guitar songs.
After enjoying “The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie” in The New York Times Magazine, I’m encouraged to post more, and more, and then some — even if it be just a flake of Allison Crowe’s life, or, in this instance, a flake of her most recent concert tour.
John Jeremiah Sullivan’s NYT mag essay tracking early blues recording artists L.V. Thomas and Lillie Mae ‘Geetchie’ Wiley and cultural field-worker Robert “Mack” McCormick is a reminder that we enrich the world by sharing:
Here from beautiful Lindenpark Potsdam, Germany (and a decidedly off-kilter camera-style), is the opening of Allison Crowe’s performance of the Leonard Cohen classic “Famous Blue Raincoat”.
For a full recording of this song seek out “Famous Blue Raincoat - Allison Crowe - Teatro del Sale, Florence — live” @  Two different versions — solo and choral — are heard on her “Heavy Graces” album @
In 1976, Harry Hibbs, one of Newfoundland’s favourite music-makers, most famously released “Between Two Trees” — this song of love penned by Charlie McKinnon of New Brunswick, Canada.
It’s revived in 2013 for the premiere run of “Newfoundland Vinyl”. Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador’s hit show enjoys its third revolution this Summer at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival as “Newfoundland Vinyl: The ‘C’ Side”. NV’s conceived by TNL’s Artistic Director, Jeff Pitcher, and its Musical Director is Allison Crowe — who curates and arranges the songs for TNL’s wonderfully talented and spirited cast and crew.
On her latest sensational European concert tour, Crowe carried with her music from home — and in this bootleg video, she duets on “Between Two Trees”, with Canadian musician and photographer Billie Woods.
Their performance delighted audiences, including here at Germany’s Jazzhaus Freiburg, a storied venue that’s soaked in the notes of such artists as Miles Davis, Lionel Hampton, Art Blakey, Bill Evans, Archie Shepp, and Betty Carter — and, for the first time, is serenaded with this sweet music from Atlantic Canada.
On the airwaves and online, passionate stewards such as DJs Rob Carnell, (of “Salt Water Music” on CFRC 101.9FM), and Wayne Tucker, (of CHMR 93.5 FM’s “Newfound Records Radio Hour”) share the musical riches of the region — from the vinyl era to the latest tracks. A mother-lode for music-lovers and players is “GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador” — a marvellous celebration of musical heritage @ (at last count home to 3660 songs, 2462 videos, and plenty of midis, song charts and scores and more). GEST’s Owner/Archivist Gery Deugauw, in addition to his own channel, is caretaker of two wonderful YouTube collections built with great love and rare dedication — ‘oldirishladdie’ @ and ‘NLTreasure’ @ (this latter channel created by Jim Yetman, whose video legacy lives on).
TNL’s “Newfoundland Vinyl: The ‘C’ Side” spins each Tuesday and Friday from July 11 - August 29 at the GMTF — The Ethie Room, Shallow Bay Motel and Cabins, 193 Main Street, Cow Head, Newfoundland  A0K 2A0 (
On July 28, 2014 Allison Crowe Sings “Newfoundland Vinyl” and More - in GMTF’s “Who’s Darkening Our Door” Concert Series at The Warehouse Theatre, Main Street, Cow Head, NL. (For info on this performance and all GMTF shows - call 709-639-7238 or toll-free 1-877-243-2899)
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